Sunday, September 28, 2008


Is funny to be a parent.
Have things in this life that make us view the world and ourselves in a different way. I'm a father of 5. Two biological and 3 step daughters that their preferred pastime is drive me crazy.
Reminds me when I was 16 or so, and my dad, so angry with me (I don't remember if were my grades, my attitude or my friends) he looked at me straight in the eyes and said: "My revenge is to know that one day you will become a father!"
I don't know if this was a curse or a warning, I prefer to think as the second. I had my not so good grades till my high school after my exams to go to college (Brazilians call it vestibular) my student life changed for good. My friends, well, we are in touch till now, writers, journalists, therapists, and so on... about my attitude, well I'm just like my dad today, and I think that I ever was, maybe the old man could not deal with his not so "Mini Me", but the curse worked good. Being a father is something painfully marvelous, we see that little thing just blimp in a ultrasound device, grow and become part of you, take your nights your moments when you are thinking one thing and because he or she have fever or cough, see your plans going to the drain, but all this cost have a gift. Last year, my oldest daughter graduated in college, now she is a certified art teacher in California State. I remember when I was doing my Master Degree and I used to bring her at night to my classes, where she used to play alone till sleep in a corner of my class, or my teachers playing with her, my colleges seeing a future for her in arts, design or advertising (the areas that I was studding), is funny that she choose arts, as her profession, but that is life, maybe it runs in the family as the lawyers and militaries.
But the more interesting is that Lina, my step daughter, has the same attitude, grades and friends, and I control myself, seing in her so much of me, saying the same thing that my dad used to say to me.

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